THNQ-FUEL Research Study

What is the study about_ “Theatre for Relationality” is a partnership between Green Light Arts (GLA) and the qcollaborative, a design research lab team based at the University of Waterloo. We are curren.png

Current Outreach and Community Engagement

Watch this video about STRIDE Circles (Original video)

Watch this video about What STRIDE Night Means to Women (Original video)

Community Justice Initiatives and Stride Program are community partners for outreach activities around Green Light Arts' and Tarragon Theatre's production of Guarded Girls in Kitchener, ON (May 8-19, 2019)


Learn more about the conditions in women’s federal prisons in Canada. The Office of the Correctional Investigator’s 2017-2018 Annual Report includes a section on Women (section 6).

Learn more about Canada’s prison system. The article “Everything you were never taught about Canada’s prison system” is a great place to start.

Learn more about Grand Valley Institution for Women. This piece from CTV, “Life in Prison: Behind the barbed wire at Grand Valley Institution” includes in-depth reporting and a photo tour of the facilities.

Visit the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies’ website to learn more about issues affecting criminalized girls and women.

Share what you’ve learned with your friends and families!


We can start by changing the way we talk about women in prison. The term “inmate” can be dehumanizing. Consider “people first” language like “women in prison” in future.

Join the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Society’s social media campaign. Use the hashtags #HearMeToo and #EndStripSearching to call for an end to the state sanctioned sexual assault that is strip searching.

Volunteer with the Stride program through Community Justice Initiatives . Volunteers provide criminalized women support both in prisons and as they transition back into the greater community.

Donate to Community Justice Initiatives to ensure their Stride Program continues to offer essential reintegration support to women imprisoned at Grand Valley Institution for Women.

Learn about how to send books to people in prison through PEN Canada or strike up a pen-pal correspondence with LGBTQIA2 people in prison through the Prisoners Correspondence Project.


Contact your MP and/or MPP and let them know you’re interested in prison reform. Possible talking points include:

  • Voicing your support for restorative justice programs

  • Asking for increased accessibility of Mother Child Programs and Healing Lodges

  • Denouncing strip searching in women’s prisons as an ineffective and (re)traumatizing practice

  • Calling on the government to take up the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions calls for action regarding reducing the over representation of Indigenous women in the prison system

  • Adding your voice to the growing condemnation of solitary confinement

  • Voicing your support for community-based alternatives to incarceration

  • Advocating for Guaranteed Liveable Income

Hon. Bardish Chagger

Marwan Tabbara
Kitchener South-Hespeler

Laura Mae Lindo
Kitchener Centre

Amy Fee
Kitchener South-Hespeler


Local Members of Parliament

Raj Saini
Kitchener Centre

Harold Albrecht
Kitchener South-Conestoga

Members of Provincial Parliament

Catherine Fife

Mike Harris
Kitchener South-Conestoga