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Help us #greenlightthearts! As a not-for-profit, we have to be nimble and resilient, inspiring and thrifty, and above all focused on the purposes of our organization. We rely on funding from grants, foundations, sponsors, ticket sales, program fees, and... DONATIONS!

Become a Green Light Arts donor and help us produce performing arts events! Every donation makes a difference!

Everything we do at Green Light Arts is to further the following purposes:

  • advance the public's appreciation of the arts;
  • promote the theatre art form; and
  • advance arts education.

Become a Corporate Sponsor for 2016-2017

Work with Green Light Arts to advance your corporate brand on a grassroots level, further the mutual social values that we share and make a positive impact in the communities we serve. Provide your employees and associates with unique arts & culture experiences plus volunteer opportunities.

Please direct corporate sponsorship inquiries to Managing Director, Carin Lowerison:


Abbi Longmire
Alex Glass
Ambrosia Pastry co
Amy Neufeld
Andy Houston
Ange Spitale
Anna MacKay-Smith
Anna Pratt
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Athena Lamarre
Barb Frim
Becca and Derek Robinson
Beth Lanigan
Bonnie Hunter
Brian Vasoff
Brock Hart & Emily Robson
Carin Lowerison and Matt White
Cheryl Ewing
Crystal Shaubel
Darius Hahn
Donna Cole
Dwight & Kathy Storring
Elizabeth Song & Matthew Lowerison
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Eric Rumble
Gabrielle Clermont
Gerhard and Bernadette
Glen Campbell
Gordon Hatt

Thank you to our funders.

MCC Restorative Justice

MCC Restorative Justice

Gretchen Wentzell Lowerison
Helen Reitzel
Hilary Abel
Holger Syme
In Memory of Katie and Bill Merrick
Janelle Rainville
Janet and Roger Beck
Jeff MacIntyre
Jen Love and Mark Salmoni
Jenn and Wyatt Brooks
Jivesh Parasram
Joe Vernon
Julie Thompson
Jyoti Solanki-Davie
Kathleen Sheehy
Katie Parkes
Kristina D
Laura Johnson-Sherratt
Lea Daniel
Lindsay Golds
Majdi Bou-Matar
Marilyn and Peggy White
Marilyn Anne Hart
Marisa & Josh Penslar
Mark Kreder
Megan and Matt
Melissa Durrell
Michael Lowerison
Michelle Purchase
Monica Sheridan
Nancy Copeland
Natalie Ackers


Nathaniel Voll
Nathaniel Whitfield
Neman Syed
Patrick Young
Paul Hopkins
Pauline Finch
Paz Mistry
Peter and Bonnie White
Queen Street Yoga
Rohan Thompson
Sarah and Brian Downey
Sarah Granskou
Sarah Marsh
Scott, Christina, Bryson & Charlotte
Sharon E. Secord
Sonderlust Theatre Collective
Sue Edworthy
Supporting Roles Interactive Training Inc.
Team Gardiola-Gonzalez
Thea Mistry
Tiffany Howes
Tori Morrison
Toronto, ON
Vanessa Trenton
Victoria & Jeremy
Viktorija Kovac
William Merrick
Zoe Janzen
Zoe Sweet and Michael Wheeler


The Keith and Winifred Shantz Fund for the Arts

The Keith and Winifred Shantz Fund for the Arts

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